December 10, 2007

At this moment… si peste o zi-doua 🙂


1. Male friend: Vlad, Johnny

2. Female friend: Cata

3. Vacation: Vara asta, Turcia 🙂

4. Age: Hai sa zic si eu 14. Ca nu mai am mult. Doar… juma’ de an 🙂

5. Memory: Ehem… Nu se spune


1. Time of day: Noaptea

2. Day of the week: Luni

3. Food: Mancarea chinezeasca sucks haaard

4. Memory: Din nou, nu se spune. Anyway… Oi avea si eu amintiri mai putin dragute 🙂 Da’ nu ma omor cu depãnatu’ lor…


1. Person you saw: Pe tata 🙂

2. Person you talked on the phone: Hmmm… Cata cred

3. Hugged: Pai pe Vlad :)) Si pe tata for real 🙂

4. Text Mesagged: Dodo

5. IM: Cata


1. What did you do: Pai m-am plimbat si am mancat la KFC ^_^. Ah da si am fost la her stailist :))

2. Who were you with: Pai depinde de episoade. La coafor cu mama, la KFC cu tata ;))

3. Bad/Good day: Fine 🙂

4. Lose something: Doar cateva suvite de par…

5. Fall out with someone: Uhm… Nope 🙂


1. What are you doing now: Keeping my eyes open

2. Today in general: Pai n-am dat mai deloc pe acasa…

3. Wearing: Pijamaua 🙂

4. What did you eat for lunch: Cum spuneam, n-am dat pe-acasa, deci a papat Gigi pranzul in locul meu…

5. Better than yesterday: Hmmm am vazut mai multe fete [a se citi fetze]


1. Is: Luni

2. Got any plans: Nope

3. Getting Lucky: Nu prea am pt. ce momentan. Vineri o sa am nevoie… ca dau teza 🙂
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: Scoala d’oh

5.Do you have work: Idem 4


1. Number: 13

2. Song: Obsesie: Bright Eyes-A lover I Don’t Have To Love… Da’ o sa-mi treaca, hopefully…

3. Color: Greu domne greu… alb. Si negru 🙂

4. Season: Varaaaa

5. State: Turcia


1. With someone: Nup

2. Missing someone: Ciudat, dar nu

3. Mood: E foarte tarziu si maine e luni. Asta va spune ceva?

4. Wanting: Sa vina Craciunu’ odata!

Johnny, Lame, voi urmati 🙂


2 Responses to “A.T.M.”

  1. kookie Says:

    in sfarsit, cineva care mai are cate o obsesie muzicala din cand in cand..
    thx God ca nu sunt singura :))

  2. copilmic Says:

    Sunt multi de genul asta, acolo de unde vin eu :)) Join the club!

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